Thursday, March 3, 2016

Our Company's very first post

We are new to blogging, so here we go.  Our company does custom apparel, embroidery, garment printing, heat transfers, rhinestones, promotional products, photo gifts, we do it all.    Need help with a custom design?  Check us out.

 At Cox Ranch we do  embroidery right. Today, we did custom garments for a local Police Dept, and a local charter school.  These are such beautiful designs, and we love seeing how they stitch out. We find the exact pantone thread match to your color, and only use Needleup digitizing services to make sure your design is perfect.  It is imperative to spend a little more to get your design digitized by a great local digitizing service.  You spent all that money on a design, don't scrimp on the embroidery.  Sharp embroidery with attention to detail can only be achieved with USA companies.   Don't be fooled by free digitizing services, these are outsourced to overseas companies.  This low quality digitizing, will result in substandard embroidery, that  can't  be edited or improved,.Once done, you are stuck with it. You get what you pay for, so do it right.

At Cox Ranch, we are committed to making you look good,

Be Safe,

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